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What makes Seaway Mindful Stress Management unique

To say that the Seaway program is simply “based on” Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) doesn’t do it justice.

Yes, Seaway includes the full MBSR program and is utterly true to its principles. In fact, Seaway’s founder, Linda Seagraves, is a scholar and leading proponent of MBSR science. What she has created in the Seaway program doesn’t differ from classic MBSR as much as it expands it.

Over years of applying mindfulness principles in high-stress corporate environments, she learned that many business professionals need more stress management tools they could fit easily into their hyper-busy lives. These tools help make the Seaway Mindful Stress Management program distinctly flexible and forgiving. Although practice and mindset are vital, perfection is definitely not. Program participants agree.

Learn more about how Seaway Mindful Stress Management has improved focus, teamwork, and overall productivity in the workplace. Contact us for information about upcoming group courses and individual sessions. To learn more about the course structure, see the Seaway Program Description.

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