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Sessions in Mindful Stress Management

Based on the principles of MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), the Seaway program evolved to meet the distinct needs of today’s stressed professionals.

The standard Seaway program* is held on work days, when stress levels tend to be highest. Sessions are held on the phone and online to save participants’ precious time.  All activities are user-friendly and suitable for any fitness level.

The sessions include easy-to-implement, proven techniques described below. As you participate, you will learn which techniques are most suitable and effective for you.

Meditation. The value of meditation is now accepted in medical, counseling and training professions worldwide.  Even the military incorporates meditation into its “mind training.” However, Seaway meditation is not strenuous. Nor is it mysterious. It is compatible with all faiths and can be performed anywhere.

Awareness and perception exercises. Simple concepts and practices demonstrate how to change the ways we perceive and respond to challenges.

Breathing exercises. When stressed, human beings automatically breathe less deeply. Our blood vessels constrict and less oxygen flows through our bodies. Seaway breathing exercises, which can be performed anywhere, help participants reverse these unhealthy physical effects. That in turn helps ease our minds.

Movement exercises. Our muscles store stress, as medical doctors–and almost anyone with an aching neck–knows. Certain movements help us become more aware of how our bodies react to stress, which can help us prevent tension and pain.

Nutrition. As most experts now agree, the foods we choose can help alleviate stress in several ways. Certain foods lower our levels of harmful stress hormones, as well as shore up our immune systems.

Yoga. No physical prowess or special attire required! Seaway yoga focuses on simple stretching exercises anyone can do, even in the office. By participating in yoga movements and breathing, we become more aware of our stress triggers—which is key to stress management.

Stress cycle awareness. A specific, scientifically documented pattern happens in our bodies when we encounter stress. It includes the well-known “fight, flight or freeze” reactions—which helped our species survive many millennia of danger. However, today those protective reactions don’t suit our lifestyles. In fact, they’re linked to chronic disease. Awareness of the stress cycle helps us easily choose healthier responses.

Mindful communication. Seaway’s mindful communication techniques help us preserve and improve business, family and social connections and relationships, which in turn help alleviate stress.

*Customized sessions and individual coaching are also available. Contact us to learn more.

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