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What participants say about Seaway Mindful Stress Management


In follow-up surveys and individual stories, participants tell how Seaway’s unique approach to mindfulness and other stress management techniques has changed their lives.

A sampling of what’s been said about our Mindful Stress Management program. For more comments, organized by topic, click here.

“I learned that if we’re mindful of how we respond and what our physiology is telling us at gut level, we can achieve what we want instead of just being reactionary.”

-William, IT Architect, Fortune 500 company

“The sessions restored my energy and made me more productive.”

-Corporate class participant

“I’m an evangelical Christian. When I read the course included yoga and mindfulness, a cautionary flag went up. I was concerned the content would conflict with my beliefs. That wasn’t the case. Surprisingly, I found my faith strengthened.”

-Mike, IT Analyst, Fortune 500 company

“I was under enormous stress. My mother had recently died, my blood pressure was high and I had gained weight. But before the class was over, I had lost 20 pounds, my blood pressure was normal and, best of all, I wasn’t screaming at people anymore.”

-Patricia, Senior Business Process Analyst, Fortune 500 company

“As a skeptic of the subject matter, I was impressed by the way in which the material was presented…and the methods to help us try them. It definitely helped me deal with the stresses here at work.”

-Corporate class participant

“The course materials and format afforded a minimum of schedule impact both personal and professional and left plenty of time for practice between sessions.”

-Corporate class participant

“I remember one difficult supervisor. Even the sight of her was enough to stress me out. I learned exercises that helped me greet her warmly, then listen and respond better. I was amazed that I learned as much as I did.”

Phyllis, Finance Specialist, Fortune 500 company

“Along with other lifestyle changes, the reduced stress has decreased my sick days generally much healthier. The improved health improved my productivity.”

-Corporate class participant

“The instructor is able to depict material so that it’s relatable and can be readily assimilated by the students. She provides a user-friendly way of understanding the material and is very good with fundamentals as well as deeper details.”

-William, IT Architect, Fortune 500 company

“I noticed things that used to annoy me didn’t as much as they used to. Things that used to habitually annoy me, I could detach from. Another thing I got out of this program was increased concentration.”

-Larry, Facilities Analyst, Fortune 500 company

“The mindfulness practice is not about mind-LESS-ness.  It is not about emptying your mind and chanting the sacred mantras.  It’s about BEING, OPERATING, LIVING IN THE PRESENT MOMENT.  The shiny coins of past success can always be reviewed later.”

-Corporate class participant

“The practicality of the process is second to none. The experience is indispensable.”

-Corporate class participant

“This program was a great starting point for my new leadership circle program. Others can benefit.”

-Corporate class participant

“I was amazed to realize, after being in a session for a few minutes, how stressed I was, and to immediately experience strategies that helped reduce the stress.”

-Corporate class participant

The above comments are just a sample of what participants have said about our Mindful Stress Reduction program. You can also read comments organized by topic.

Results from a cumulative survey of professionals who took part in corporate classes. More data.

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