Ride Life's Waves

“This program was a great starting point for my new leadership circle program.” - IT Project Manager, Fortune 500 corporation “Not many things in life give this much payback for your time and effort.” - Co-founder, True Alignment Global “I was amazed to realize how stressed I was and how quickly I reduced my distress.” - Program Manager, Fortune 500 corporation “I learned that if we’re mindful of how we respond, we can achieve what we want instead of just being reactionary.” - IT Architect, Fortune 500 corporation “As a Christian, I was concerned the content would conflict with my beliefs. But I found my faith strengthened.” - IT Analyst, Fortune 500 corporation

MBSR-based stress management, tailored for today’s demands

Seaway was built on the scientifically proven principles of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), then refined over time within one of the world’s most competitive corporate environments. Evolved over 7 years to help the Fortune 500 company’s stressed professionals, Seaway’s easy-to-use toolkit of proven stress management techniques is now available to individuals and organizations everywhere.

Repeatedly proven, uniquely practical

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As all MBSR-based programs, Seaway employs medically proven stress management techniques that have measurable, healthy, lasting effects. Uniquely, this program’s participants report not only dramatic reductions in anger and other difficulties, but also improved productivity. They call the program “realistic,” “different” and even “epiphanal.” More…

Adaptable and sustainable

“I had tried other stress management programs, but they were so demanding, I felt even more stressed,” said one participant. “Unlike those programs, this one didn’t come with another to-do list.” More…

Mindfulness for all

Developed with respect for all beliefs, the Seaway stress management program is non-sectarian and completely non-mystical. As one devout participant said, “(Seaway) meditations and other techniques proved completely compatible with my faith, which is an important part of my life.” More…

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