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G.O.A.L. – 4 Simple Steps to Staying True to Your Purpose

Life is a journey of expectations and surprises. Whether you anticipate every occurrence or not, your ability to see options and make constructive choices can transform your life into a grand adventure. And you do have the ability see more options and make better choices. Everyone does. But handling sudden upsets constructively requires a high …..

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Letting Go…without giving up.

“ Just let it go” is common advice that often rings as defeatism. But when it’s done knowingly and strategically, letting go can be not just a pragmatic choice, but also a powerful one.  Try as we might to stay calm, today’s workplace can be a contentious, even combative place. Typical advice on how to …..

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Letting Go – Body/Mind Relaxation Practice

Try this body scan to experience both physical and emotional relaxation.

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Loving Kindness Meditation

An audio-guided Loving Kindness meditation to ease tension and enhance personal relationships.

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New Ways to Pay Attention—and Train Your Inner Beast

Introducing a more natural, more productive way to focus at work, at home, and even at rest. If you’ve ever studied yoga or meditation, you may have heard the phrase “monkey mind”—the Buddhist term for a restless, confused, out-of-control mental state. These days, as demands for our attention grow relentlessly*, it’s easy to see ourselves as frantic …..

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Open Focus Practice – Taming Your Puppy Mind

Awareness of space is key to the supple, adaptable Open Focus way of paying attention.  Try this quick, relaxing exercise to become more aware of the physical space around and within you. And check this blog soon for more Open Focus exercises.

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Relating Meditation

An audio-guided meditation for sustaining relationships in troubled times.

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Saving Relationships

In the midst of enormous cultural, political and economic change, how do we stay sane? By staying connected to each other. The “times that try men’s souls” also try the ties between us and others—just when we need them most. We need them because we are a social species. Relationships sustain us, not just psychologically …..

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Take a cup of kindness yet.

True kindness comes from, and generates, inner strength. It benefits not only its recipients, but its practitioners—and all of their circles of influence. If you ask your circle what character traits relate most to business success, what do you think you would hear? Vision? Focus? Determination? Those qualities are important, of course. But I (along with many …..

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Being kind to others starts with being kind to yourself. This process helps you bring an attitude of kindness to stressful situations, helping yourself and others respond calmly and constructively. Process: Step 1: Experience your breath. Breathe slowly in and out. Notice your body expanding and contracting. Feel the coolness of your in-breath and the …..

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